4chan dating traps are gay

I play online a lot, but I dont think I've ever heard or seen this one. SoyPrincess Member. Jan 22, TheFireman Banned Member. Dec 22, 3, VaporSnake said: L Corleone Member. Oct 27, It's a meme.

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Yukinari Member. Oct 25, 4, The Danger Zone. Anytime i think about this meme now i remember how stupid TB is for thinking being a crossdresser and being trans are the same thing when they arent. FairyEmpire Member. Oct 25, 10, Unfortunately, most of the Internet shittalk is composed of discrimination. The n word, the f word for gay, this whole "traps are gay" shit, a lot of racism-based memes including the recent Knuckles one. It's like real life, but a lot worse, because in real life it's usually the "tough guys" who speak loudest, but on the Internet nobody knows who the fuck you are, so you can talk shit and usually face no consequence whatsoever.

Say, in school stuff like that might get you suspended, beat up, etc.. And as we can see from our current political climate, people are absolutely happy to spit on minorities or "different" people, as long as they can take the blame for all of their issues it'll be alright. Not Spaceghost Member. This shitty "joke" i am pretty sure is more of a reference to an incident causing totalbiscuit to go on a twitter meltdown where someone asked him if traps were gay before he exploded rather than some standalone thing.

Xharos Member. Oct 25, 3, Canary Islands, Spain. It's not done with bad intent, but yeah, it has to go. Richter Member. Oct 27, 12, The whole word "trap" turned into a transphobic word. I blame 4chan as they used to post picturea of women then later show that they have a penis. It is disgusting and really transphobic. Oct 27, Edinburgh. Think it started with Poison in SF4. Sinfamy Member. Oct 27, 1, Virtual crossdressing.

Kuma Bear Member. Oct 27, 2, Japan. I can answer this. On 4chan, quite often a user would start a thread with the purpose of showing someone who is cross dressing. NOT a transgender person. They call cross dressers "traps" over there. Usually someone comes in and says "traps are gay" and then a debate bursts out with people saying it's not because the men are pretending to be ladies but guys are saying it's still a guy under those clothes.


This is what happens there, it doesn't reflect my view in anyway but that is what they talk about over there. Oct 25, In other words, 'I like futanari', 'okay, but that makes you gay because traps are gay', 'no traps aren't gay'. And streamers replying to chat asking 'are traps gay? It's like a homophobic, transphobic version of do you like pineapple on pizza. Also, a quick google search would've also answered this: This debate is often discussed alongside the discussions of anime and futanari character design.

Joseki Member. Nov 5, 4, It was born on the hentai community because people argued if being sexually aroused by males dressed as girls is heterosexual or not. Kokonoe Coward. Oct 26, 6, It's sad how this word was twisted into referring to trans people.

Not Spaceghost said: Orbital Edge Member. Oct 26, 1, I don't think this is nearly as prevalent in online games as you think. I mean, people are garbage in online games, but this seems more specific to the brand of 4chan memelord dipshits that would be mucking around in something like VRChat. Continuum Member. Oct 27, 2, L Corleone said: KonradLaw Banned Member.

Oct 28, 1, It's popular because it riles people up. Nights Member. Regardless if it's offensive or not, it confuses me why they care if it's gay or not. I can only assume because they'd be uncomfortable finding out that they're okay with feminine males. Blackbird Member. Oct 25, Brazil. You're not alone, it definitely feels uncomfortable every time i hear, this type of stuff should never be normalized.

The lack of empathy in the gaming community surprises me a lot. Uzuki said: Raina Member. Jesus fuck.

This language is not acceptable. SliceSabre Banned Member. Oct 25, 3, It's a meme and just like every meme it gets played to death and I generally ignore it like I do most memes.

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I used the words a few times to describe incredibly pretty male cosplayers. Sorry, didn't know there is some negative implication. I won't be using it any more, just in case. By the way the opposite meme exists too: It's like yin and yang, they are always both present. Now I don't mind a woman with small breasts, even one that might be called "flat".

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  6. But even the flattest of women still have something there: Additionally, they have "female nipples" which are inherently sexy and are thus banned from TV, while men and traps have "male nipples" which are gay. Almost votes. Traps are gay is out in front by a significant margin. Traps are officially gay. Guess I'll stop masturbating now. Traps are gay; end of story.

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    However, being attracted to the trap isn't gay necessarily. Having sex with a trap is gay though. Compare that to a FTM trans person; looks like a guy, but has a vagina. If that you're attracted to that you're gay. Sound logic, except one little thing. If the trap has a really feminine penis it's not gay, how can something that is feminine be gay to men , the logic just isn't right.

    How idiotic do you have to be to think that they are? I understand why some people MIGHT consider traps to be gay, but once thinking about it i don't know why people wouldn't change their mind. I can kinda see why people think having a dick makes it gay, but the dick only makes up about 0. If you wanna fuck a woman who looks manly as fuck, I'm not gonna call you gay, but you shouldnt call me gay for fucking traps either.

    Are Traps Gay??? : 4chan

    It makes no sense why people let a single penis ruin an entire sexual encounter, it's easy enough to ignore. Traps still have fuckable assholes, you don't need to fuck the pussy specifically. And if it's that much of a problem, just look away. He isn't gonna rub his dick on you or anything. There are plenty of nice traps out there, and Im sure you'd get along well with them, but you choose not to because of something on them which takes up 0.

    It's nonsensical and stupid how worked up people get over something so small but completely ignore the rest of the body. If you're worried about your friends knowing that you're fucking someone 0.

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