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Chase Hunter Chase Hunter launched his career in the porn industry in and quickly became the object of many fantasies. Almost 20 years later, hes still turning us on. Now hes up for Rentboy.

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When we caught up with Chase he revealed his big He shared stories about his past relationships, what he looks for in a man, and what hes learned about sex over the years. You've been doing porn for more than 20 years now. Some people have referred to you as a legend in the industry. Chase Hunter: Well, it seems like it.

How has the porn industry changed over the years? Thats more than I can say. Ive been around a long time. With the advent of the Internet, thats been a big change. Peoples acceptance has changed. It wasnt so accepted 10 years ago and these days its not such a big deal.

How did you get involved with the escort business? Its funny. I actually didnt do the escorting thing for many years because I had gotten into porn. I had a boyfriend and I went out of town. When I came home, he said, By the way, I rented a rent boy. I was like, Shouldnt we have discussed this sort of thing first?

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Then what happened? I decided to pay him back and ran my ad. I wanted to show him whos who. I had a lot of responses, and it worked out well. Well, I told him, If youre going to do it, do it right. Let me show you how its done.

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I didnt really do it intending to follow through with it, but when I got phone calls, I thought, What the heck? Are you two still together? No, not at all. It must be difficult to find a relationship in this business. Is it? Its not hard to find one -- its hard to keep one. I think its virtually impossible to have a boyfriend when youre in the business.

I think its asking a bit too much of somebody to put up with all that. If you look at them historically, they dont really last. Ive had some good relationships over the years, but not while I was escorting. I wouldnt do that to somebody now. I dont think its appropriate.

Do you think there are different levels of acceptance or criticism regarding doing porn versus escorting? I dont think so. Thats an interesting point. Its interesting that we look down on it so much. Also, the people who look down on it are the ones who want it or do it in the background the most. What have you learned about sex over the years? Oh, boy!

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Thats a good question. Ive learned how much fun it can be. How to do it right. How to do it wrong. And how many people dont do it right. Does Chase Hunter know how to do it right? Very definitely. Practice makes perfect. What would you say is your specialty?

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I was born to fuck. Mother Nature put me together for that reason. Some people can sing. I can fuck. When you're escorting, do you see the guys before you go out with them on the job? When I first started I would make people send me pictures. Then I would say, Tell me what you want to do, and Ill see if it matches up with what I am willing to do. But people would back off because they were afraid to put their picture out there. So, that limited the audience. As I became more comfortable with it, I learned you can negotiate something in the middle, depending on their looks and your comfort level.

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You can find something thats good for both of you. Top Endowment: Soon the hungry men are hotly engaged in a soapy session of cock-sucking, rimming and ass-play. Overtaken by desire, Chase takes Tommy from behind and gives him a hearty ass-pounding — driving deep and riding hard.

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  6. The intensity compounds itself and soon the eager studs find themselves spilling their loads. Spurred by desire, Chad begs Chase to fuck his hungry hole. As the heat of the rhythm rises higher, both men surrender to orgasm and shoot their hot sticky loads. Tony, in a moment of genuine, fine acting, ashamedly confesses to causing the problem himself in order to see his lust interest.

    Chase impresses the importance of doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy and shows Erik first hand by stripping him down and fucking his hard, tight muscle-butt. Enjoy the touch… the feel… the excitement.

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