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Ali Express. If you're looking for more LGBT content, make sure to check out the most gay friendly cities in America and the list of famous transgender people. AnotherGuy added Fit Studs http: Safe-for-work social network. PinkPal added Mypinkpal. Connect and video chat with gay friends from around the world. DerekWard added Dudesnude.

Grindr grindrguy. SoPla added Barebackfucker. DerekWard added Manhunt. Com Transexuals. But, with a cost — advertisements!

Let's Connect on Hornet, the Premier Gay Social Network.

If you get easily annoyed by loud, obnoxious ads, then either buy a premium account or use another app. Like I have said, Grindr lets you create an account for free. It comes with a profile that you can edit, use of gaymoji, and filtering of matches with geolocation. The premium membership, on the other hand, offers the features that the free membership offers plus bonus privileges. Its rates are the following:. Unlike the other dating apps, Hornet gives you unlimited scrolls or swipes to the profiles that are available to you.

And to top it all, Hornet has 7 million users!

Meet, chat with and date like-minded guys now

Your thumb will be aching after scrolling through all your possible matches in this app! Like Grindr, Hornet makes use of geolocation to filter possible matches. But, Hornet adds another feature that travel lovers might like!

Before you download those apps

Hornet offers you the option to provide your next location so you can see the matches of that area. As Sean Howell says, Hornet is designed for other social functions like business meetings. Hornet is almost accessible to all, if not most, online platforms!

Top Five Gay Dating Apps - 2018

You can use this app on Android phones, Apple phones, and even your computer through your web browser! Since this app is not just built for dates, expect that some of your matches are here for other things. They may be here to find business partners or casual friends to talk to. Not everyone might be using the app for a romantic dinner for two. If other dating apps want you to find that one, perfect match, this app wants to connect you to all matches!

Similar to Facebook, Moovz lets you chat with other users and view notifications on your home page. You can even post your own! This feature beats those apps that only let you scroll and swipe all day! The best way to categorize and organize posts is by those short, silly hashtags that are all around Twitter.

Moovz brings that to you! But there are far better tags in Moovz, only if you are willing to use it.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

What makes Moovz differ from Facebook and Twitter, and more similar to Tinder and Grindr is geolocation. This app makes use of your current coordinates to find people to put on your user list. The people in your user list are those users that are near you, which you can chat and say hi to. Another thing that Moovz brings from the popular social networking site, Facebook, is the following feature.

In Moovz , you have the option to follow a cute hottie so you can see day-to-day online activities within the app. With this feature, a cute hottie can follow you, too! This app is relatively new than the other apps on this list. Currently, Moovz has 1 million users, and it is only available in 15 countries. But, not to worry! This means that not only gay men will use it, but also the others under the rainbow flag.

This being said, it can be a pro or a con to you — pro because you can connect with so many people from other communities, con if you just want to find a date. Since this app is relatively new, there is no price on the price tag yet.

Meet, chat with and date like-minded guys now

So, registering and making an account costs you no dime at all! This app is available in both Android and iOS devices. If ever you are looking for a more community-oriented dating app, then perhaps Randy is the choice for you! Launched in , Randy is a dating app that combines the features of social media sites and dating apps together. It aims not only to connect possible matches but also create neighborhood-based or city-based communities for gay and bi men.

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Like other dating apps, you can chat with other users. But, what this app does differently is that it can connect you privately to Messenger.

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You also have the option to view notifications; for example, when a user likes your profile. There are indeed some men who are persistent. Always sending you spam every day, commenting on your pictures to say hi, and ruining your fun.

Randy lets you block the guys who spoil the pleasure of the app so you can enjoy it to the fullest! Randy uses your city or community as a starting point for conversations. Talk about the most delicious pizza place or wildest club in town! Bad news for Android users!

Furthermore, this app is predominantly serving U. For example, some users commented that the app only serves major cities in some states.

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