How to tell if your partner is gay

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Later that night she rubbed some CoverGirl on it and went out disco dancing. About a month later I was working my day job as an orderly in a large, urban teaching hospital. A lesbian I knew was in for surgical removal of a kidney stone. I felt my stomach drop and the blood rush from my head.

Oh, my God , I thought. This is real. God is punishing us. We moved in together in January I gently pressed on it. For some reason I felt relieved: Two years before his death, we were heading home after a romantic dinner when I suggested that we stop at a neighborhood piano bar for a nightcap. A community fundraiser was being held that night to support AIDS -related research at a local university.

Miss Charlotte, a local drag queen, promenaded around the room collecting donations and singing a sultry ballad. As she approached our table, John offered her a handful of cash. I had a lot of luggage on the sidewalk, so I was glad to get a big Checker cab to stop for me. I was leaving grad school at New York University and moving back to Michigan to marry my boyfriend of six months. The cabdriver, who was overweight and had a pasty complexion, sighed at the sight of my bags.

I told him I was going to LaGuardia Airport and mentioned the upcoming marriage. No, I explained. I loved my boyfriend, and we were going to have an exciting life together.

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He was a musician in a punk band. Why do you want to leave New York? I did want to go, I replied, and I gazed out at the gray December sky as we made our way across the bridge. Then I felt a jolt, followed by the clop-clop-clop of a flat tire. The cabby pulled off to the side, shaking his head. My boyfriend and I got married. We moved to Texas. Three months later I quit my job and flew home to Michigan alone. A year later the marriage was over. I looked down at my forearm, which showed parallel cuts running from wrist to elbow. Quite a nice pattern, I thought.

'How I found out my partner was gay'

There was no blood, just a row of neat little lines, a brief distraction from a lecture I felt too dumb to follow anyway. The thing is, I have unusually sensitive skin, and, instead of fading away, the neat little lines turned into swollen scabs.

It was stupid. What I learned from that meeting was to turn my future self-abuse inward, where no one would see it. On a bright spring day when my daughter was ten years old, she came home agitated and close to tears. Then she waited impatiently for her father to get home so we could watch the movie together. The movie was about a child her age who suddenly becomes autistic after the death of her father. She withdraws into her own world and begins building an elaborate house out of playing cards.

Desperate to get through to her daughter, the mother builds a wooden structure modeled after the one the child has made. The daughter climbs into the life-size card house, and the mother follows and brings her back. It was a powerful movie, not something a ten-year-old would normally watch. That night, alone, I watched the movie again, feeling there was a message in it I needed to hear. Two years later, after her father and I divorced, my daughter descended into madness.

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I home-schooled her, then sent her to a series of private schools while we tried every possible drug combination. At night I lay awake in a house stripped of anything sharp or toxic, knowing that if she really wanted to commit suicide, she would find a way. At work I waited for the call I feared would come.

And it came, many times.

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But she never succeeded in killing herself. Throughout all this, I had only one certainty: I believe my daughter warned me, with uncanny prescience, at the age of ten what would happen to her. Stay with me. Bring me back. Why is my boyfriend of sixteen years stuttering? He fixed this malady in elementary school twenty-five years ago. Worried about the return of this problem, I suggest some possible causes: Is something happening at work?

As the days progress, his stuttering becomes more pronounced. Our friends start to notice and whisper to me. I consider calling a doctor for a professional opinion. I talk to his mom, my parents, and my closest friends, hoping that someone can give me some insight. His frustration is increasing each time he opens his mouth, and my annoyance, previously well hidden, is coming out. There are no other ailments, and he keeps insisting that nothing is wrong.

During a break in the action our friend pulls me aside and tells me he thinks something is going on between my newly stuttering boyfriend and the female half of the couple with whom we have been spending most of our free time.

I am horrified but calmly confront my boyfriend later. He lies several times before I discover the truth.

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To me she was beautiful, angelic. She was always hiding herself, her fatness, the body she loathed.

I have a picture of her in a long red coat, one of the few photos in which she is not standing behind someone. She was a size Her friends were stick-thin Depression-era women who wore dresses with belts, pleated skirts, and tight cotton blouses.

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Most days my mother wore a faded pink chenille housecoat, threadbare in places, that smelled like an unmade bed: In happier moments she stuffed her torso into a tight girdle, as if punching down bread dough. No one could convince her she was beautiful, though we all tried. My dad would buy her a new dress, but she would toss it on the floor and tell him she would get dressed up after she lost some goddamned weight.

Then she would slam the door so hard the frame would jump.

how to tell if your partner is gay How to tell if your partner is gay
how to tell if your partner is gay How to tell if your partner is gay
how to tell if your partner is gay How to tell if your partner is gay
how to tell if your partner is gay How to tell if your partner is gay
how to tell if your partner is gay How to tell if your partner is gay
how to tell if your partner is gay How to tell if your partner is gay

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