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You have an interest that some marketer or business thinks either rightfully or falsely makes you likely to be gay. This could really be anything. A type of food. An exercise. If this is it, then it will probably pass. But it may come up again later. You'll be able to ask me specific tactical questions, or get feedback on your Google Ads strategy.

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Why am I getting ads over all of my apps on Android? Why am I getting ads for therapy on Quora? Why am I not getting engagement on my IG ads? Answered Aug 24, Answered Apr 20, Related Questions Why am I not getting ads on Facebook? Why am I getting less reach using PPE ads?

Snapchat blasted for publishing ‘tone deaf’ ad referencing Rihanna, Chris Brown assault

How do I get free ads online? Why does ad mediation always get talked about for mobile ads and not web ads? Do I get calls from Facebook Ads? Why am I not getting sales on Facebook ads?

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How do I stop ads in a mobile? I am getting ads for every 5 minutes. Why am I constantly seeing Tik Tok ads online? More details can be found here: You should really fix that. It looks like a lot of other people have had the same problem where they kept getting charged even after they stopped using your app.

I had to google search how to cancel my subscription through AppleID settings There should be a simple option to opt out of the subscription and cancel account through the app. That would be my suggestion to you. Otherwise, your users will continue to feel scammed and annoyed and write bad reviews like this one: Thank you for the constructive review and suggestion!

I am sorry you had such experience! Deleting the app doesn't cancel subscription since it is managed by Apple Store, not us. Please manage your subscription in iTunes account - Subscriptions section. Thank you for trying Taimi! This app is a money scam! So I said, why not? Well I completely forgot about It. Normally apps charge monthly after that. Taimi is different. This app is a scam. The best part? Most of them are titled the same but have different outlandish charges.


Not worth your time or your money! Thank you for the review! Recent controversies in states like Alabama and Kansas show that prejudice and discrimination retains a strong foothold in many corners of our country.

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Imagine this situation: A young man or woman searches on his computer in the privacy of his home for information about sexual orientation or coming out as gay. Hours or days later, he receives ads for gay-related products or services while surfing on totally unrelated websites. Maybe this happens while at school, in the office or when sharing his computer with family members. Recent developments in cross-device tracking mean that ads for gay events or venues could surface not only on his home computer where he originally searched for the information, but on his work laptop or tablet.

Any person—young, old, male, female, gay or straight—should be able to search for valuable information about sexual orientation without fear that interest-based advertisements IBA with gay themes will pop up on unrelated music sites, news sites, streaming video sites and commerce sites. This is not only my personal opinion; it is the view of nearly of the most responsible companies in online advertising today. Advertising, including IBA, provides the foundation for a thriving and diverse market of ad-supported free content and services.

The companies that enable IBA must also uphold and preserve consumer trust. NAI members who enable IBA and other forms of digital advertising understand that some information is sensitive and requires a different set of standards. This includes health data as well as data about sexual orientation. The free, diverse, ad-supported global Internet has important resources and information on these sensitive subjects. The worst outcome would be creating disincentives for people to use these resources because of fears of online ads on sensitive topics.

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  • NAI believes in leading by example. Our most recent update to the Code made a significant, yet little-noticed change, which marks an important milestone for consumer privacy. In the Code update, NAI expanded the definition of sensitive information to include sexual orientation.

    Snapchat users furious over "annoying" ads

    Opt-in consent means what you think it means—in order for a browser or device to be associated with an audience segment that presumes an interest in LGBT products, issues or services—an individual must take an affirmative step or provide consent. This change does not prevent advertising online to the LGBT community.

    Search, display, contextual, email marketing and other forms of reaching LGBT consumers with online ads are still available and critically important both for the consumer and to the online ecosystem. For example, when a consumer is reading an online website directed to members of the LGBT community, companies can advertise on those websites.

    Rihanna slams Snapchat for ad asking users to slap her or ‘punch Chris Brown’

    Also, if, for example, there is a New York Times article about LGBT bed and breakfasts in the travel section, contextual ads displayed on the page are always an option. These are good things for both businesses and consumers. There is no U. The NAI Board of Directors, whose membership includes industry leaders from digital media companies, voluntarily voted 12 - 0 to make this change in the Code.

    NAI members decided that expanding the definition of sensitive information to include sexual orientation and imposing new standards on themselves to prohibit this practice was the right thing to do for consumer trust and privacy. The fact is, if industry can demonstrate that we are responsible—that we acknowledge that some areas are sensitive and should not be the subject of IBA—then consumers will find more value in personalization and targeted advertising.

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